Why You Need to Take Magnesium for PCOS

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EVERY PCOS woman could benefit from getting more magnesium in their diet.

It is as plain and simple as that!

Magnesium is an essential mineral that aids in over 300 different processes in the body. This includes nerve and muscle functioning, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, bone and cell formation, nutrient metabolism, and energy production. These are some pretty important tasks in the body.


If you have PCOS you most likely suffer from:

·        Insulin resistance or difficulties regulating your blood sugar

·        Inflammation

·        Anxiety & Depression

·        Difficulty with sleep

·        PMS symptoms- cramps, bloating, cravings

·        Hormonal imbalance

·        Deficiency in Vitamin D


Well guess what? Magnesium helps with all of these symptoms!!! Talk about a powerhouse!

And what you probably don’t know is that most women with PCOS are deficient in magnesium.

But don’t worry about a thing, this problem is an easy one to rectify. There are a few ways in which you can pump up your magnesium intake.



1.      Diet/Foods

The foods that you want to incorporate are dark, leafy greens, seeds, and nuts. And oh yeah, don’t forget chocolate.

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2.      Supplements

There are several different options for supplements:

Magnesium Chelate- it is easily absorbed by the body and it is the kind found in foods. If you are interested in this type, here is one to check out.

Magnesium Glycinate- has an increased absorption rate and is the type that is often recommended to individuals with a magnesium deficiency. It is less likely to have a laxative effect. This is a good choice.

Magnesium Citrate-  this type is combined with citric acid. It can have a laxative effect at high doses. It is safe to take and might be a good option if you are someone that suffers from constipation. This would be a good option if you want to try this type of magnesium.

Magnesium Chloride Oil- it is an oil form of magnesium that is topically applied to the skin. This way you can bypass the digestive track, particularly helpful if you have had a tough time tolerating any of the oral options. Interested in this formulation? Then check out this kind!


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3.      A Bath

Tired of taking another supplement? Then this option is for you!

Sit back and enjoy a nice warm bath. Epsom salts work just as well.


Magnesium is crucial for women with PCOS. It offers a host of benefits that help alleviate your PCOS symptoms. Adding magnesium to your diet is easy and affordable. So don’t wait any longer, start adding this to your diet today!


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