The guide that helps you navigate talking to your doctor so you can get the proper care and treatment for PCOS ON YOUR TERMS.


It is time to get the care and treatment for PCOS you deserve!

The PCOS Patient Advocacy guide will teach you how to be an educated advocate for yourself and health. This valuable information will alleviate your stress and anxiety around doctors visits and help you get the right treatment for PCOS based on your specific symptoms and values.

This is the guide that will help you get to the bottom of your PCOS symptoms and create a plan for healing.

You need this guide if you have PCOS and are struggling with your symptoms and don’t feel like your doctor is addressing your concerns.

The benefits of this resource are priceless:

  • Provides knowledge about how to manage your care effectively.

  • Cuts down stress around talking to your doctor.

  • Allows you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health.

  • Can be quickly referenced when you aren’t sure about how to treat PCOS.

  • Teaches you how to advocate for yourself and health.

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The PCOS Patient Advocacy Guide

This guide includes complete, detailed information about:

  • Diagnosis- So you know EXACTLY what tests and labs need to be run and what the ranges should be for a PCOS diagnosis.

  • Treatment- KNOWLEDGE about what options are available so you can decide what is best for you.

  • How to find a doctor- PEACE OF MIND that you are choosing a doctor who understands PCOS.

  • Research - GETS YOU OUT of the hours spent searching and deciphering medical studies. Your welcome!

  • Supplement guide- CUTS DOWN on having to figure it out yourself.

  • Language to help you talk with your doctor- REDUCES stress on how to get what you want.

*When you purchase this guide, you will be given lifetime updates for FREE. You will always be in the know with the latest information!

* You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.

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Too many women with PCOS are dismissed by the medical community and are not getting the proper care that they are entitled to.

Every women deserves the right to be heard and understood!

To save you valuable time, stress, and anxiety, this guide will help you become an advocate for your health and show you how to get proper PCOS treatment and develop a trusting relationship with your doctor.

PCOS Patient Advocacy Guide |

If you want to kick your PCOS symptoms good-bye, you need to be able to advocate for your health.

It is about asking the right questions, doing your research, and being educated.

CHAMPION for your health today!

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Purchase the PCOS Patient Advocacy Guide now for $35 (valued at $100) and get the treatment you deserve.


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*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional so please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about using any of these remedies. I make no guarantee of results because everyone's body responds differently. I am sharing what I have found through research and use to be helpful and am offering that to you. Listen to your own body!