5 PCOS Myths Busted

5 PCOS Myths Busted #PCOS #PCOSAwareness

In honor of PCOS Awareness Month, I thought I would write a post about myths surrounding PCOS. How do I know that these are myths? I have been able to bust every one of them! I hope this post inspires you and gives you hope to continue the good fight and to kick PCOS’ ass!


1.       You can't reverse your symptoms.

You can absolutely reverse your symptoms. Those horrible symptoms of acne, hair loss/thinning, excess hair growth, insulin resistance, weight gain, lack of periods and irregular periods can be remedied. If you suffer from any or all of these symptoms there is hope. I have had success with natural remedies and holistic approaches. They are gentle and don't produce nasty and harmful side effects like prescription drugs. Check out my natural remedies for solutions.


2.       You won’t be able to conceive naturally.

You CAN conceive naturally! It is possible! I conceived my little boy quickly and naturally without the help of any infertility meds despite everyone telling me that it might not be possible because of PCOS.


3.       Losing weight is impossible.

Yes, losing weight with PCOS is harder but NOT impossible! It comes down to making real, impactful lifestyle changes. With lifestyle changes you will see the pounds and inches come off. Not sure where to begin? I have a free 5-day course that will help you get started.


4.       Good health is out of the question.

With PCOS comes the likelihood of other complications and diseases. But if you get your PCOS in check you can be healthy. You may never experience complications or you can certainly prolong them from happening.


5.       Happiness is unattainable.

Don't let PCOS get you down. There are too many things in life that will bury you and your spirits if you let it. You choose how you want to live your life every day. You can either choose to be miserable and succumb or you can rise above and be happy. The choice is yours. Happiness is always is in style and will look better on you!


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