If You Want to Change Your Body, Start by Changing This!

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I recently finished reading a book called The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and the last chapter was about how if you do the same thing and are always comfortable, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. It was this thought that inspired me to write this post.

Your mindset is so important.

If you are constantly thinking that life is hard, and that nothing REALLY gets better, you are already defeated and life will continue down a "hard" path. The most difficult thing to do is to control the mind. Yet, this is the most meaningful thing you need to be able to do. Your mindset is one of the most powerful tools you have and it can either work for you or against you. Once you master the mind and your way of thinking, you can achieve whatever you want. It wasn't until I mastered my own mindset that everything came together for me. 

Changing your mindset will be more challenging than any diet or exercise plan. In fact, reprogramming your brain to focus on the positive in any situation will probably be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. But, it will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself too!

So how do you go about changing your mindset? 

You need to stop worrying about what you don’t see happening. By focusing on what isn’t happening you will only see more of that and go down the rabbit hole of negativity. Focus on the good, that every step gets you closer to what you want, every day you are getting healthier and stronger.

If that is too hard to see, go very, very general, and repeat this saying to yourself: everything works out for me. Repeat it every day, especially when something good happens, to remind yourself that it is true. It was this saying that got me on track with great results and that changed my thinking forever. Once one good thing happened, another happened, and then another, and before I knew it, I had successfully achieved all my goals and attained everything I wanted. This is the law of attraction in its simplest form.

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Another important step to changing your mindset is surrounding yourself with the right people. If the people around you don't believe in you and support your new way of thinking, cut them out of your life (yes, I’m serious). You will never be able to keep your energy high and stay positive if the people around you are dragging you down and pointing out your missteps. You need people that will lift you up, not put you down if you want to stay the course and achieve your goals. 

I have had success overcoming my PCOS because I conquered my mindset. I was not going to be a victim to PCOS and let it come in the way of achieving my life’s goals and dreams. I was able to lose weight, reverse my symptoms, and get pregnant naturally with a beautiful, healthy, and happy little boy. I can’t be more blessed!

So, if you are truly serious about beating PCOS you need to first focus on your thoughts. Your thoughts are extremely powerful and can impact your physical self greatly. If you don’t change your mindset, you can’t make any real changes!

Because I want you to succeed, I created a FREE printable with positive affirmations to get you started.

Repeat these to yourself every day. Before you know it, these positive thoughts will become ingrained in you and you will be amazed at how everything will come together.