PCOS Awareness Interview with Jessica Dukes

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Welcome to the last interview of the Face of PCOS interview series. In case you just stumbled upon this interview, I have been doing this series for the entire month to spread awareness about PCOS. Make sure you go back and read all of the interviews. Here are the links to interview 1, interview 2, and interview 3.

The goal of this month-long series is to show you that PCOS comes in many different forms. No two women with PCOS are the same. Women with PCOS do not have a certain body type. Women with PCOS come in all shapes in sizes. PCOS does not discriminate.

If you are struggling with PCOS symptoms, know that you are not alone. You will see that these women have been where you are and understand the emotional side of PCOS. Hopefully, these honest and real answers will inspire you and bring you hope.

Today’s interview is with Jessica Dukes. You might know her better as @dailyketosis. Jessica is a new Mom to a beautiful little girl; she overcame infertility. Jessica is a big proponent of a keto lifetsyle and even has her own blog about it as well as a cookbook. So if you are interested in learning more about this type of diet, Jessica is your girl!

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Below you will see the Q&A that I had with Jessica.

1.      When did you get diagnosed with PCOS and did you have a difficult time getting diagnosed by a doctor?

I wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS until I was in my 30’s. I had several “symptoms” but I come from a long line of larger women on my dad’s side of the family so I just assumed it was my disposition to carry extra weight in my case, and not because I may have to work harder to combat the symptoms of PCOS.

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2.  Which PCOS symptoms do you struggle (or have struggled) with the most?

Probably what bothers me the most is how I carry my weight. Many women that struggle with PCOS carry their weight from the waist up and that is my case. I started using the ketogenic diet as my way of eating about four years ago and it has really helped even my body out, so to speak.

Also, I have lots of facial hair that drives me nuts! It’s a known thing that shaving your face is good for your skin and GOOD THING because I shave mine twice a day, I have stubborn hair on my lower face. That is my most hated thing about PCOS, honestly. But as long as I keep a razor on hand, I’m good!

3.   How have you had success managing your PCOS (any tips or tricks that have worked for you)?

 I manage my PCOS with eating a ketogenic diet as I mentined above. I just had a baby, and before the baby I was all dairy free keto and that works best for me. I am slowly getting back to dairy free keto, but eat keto all the time and have for the last four years. And I have felt as good as I have ever felt.

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4.     I know you are a big proponent of the keto diet. Why and how has it helped your PCOS symptoms?

Honestly, it has helped me actually loose weight! I have the hardest time losing weight which is common for PCOS women and with keto I have not only lost weight slowly but been able to keep it off. I never approached it as a diet, just a way of eating that I will do forever.

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5.    Would you share one of your favorite recipes?

Salami, mayo and pickles. Wrap the pickle and mayo up in the salami like a taco shell and eat. It’s not fancy AT ALL, but its good fat to protein ratio and it’s super easy and good when you’re busy.

Keto is just how I eat, I can make it as easy or as hard as I’d like. I always choose easy. I even have a cookbook, The Dairy Free Keto Cookbook, which has a ton of easy recipes and I talk more about my PCOS as well. 


6.    What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with PCOS?

Don’t get bogged down. Don’t read and research and get your head in the PCOS game. Just because you have gotten diagnosed with PCOS today, you had it yesterday too and didn’t know it. Live your life. Eat good for you foods that will fuel your PCOS body well. Live your life.

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7.      What keeps you motivated when you are having a bad day or going through a difficult situation?

Myself, honestly. It is up to me to get through that bad day or difficulty and reign in whatever fear that day is trying to throw at me. I am the only person in control of my happiness and my mind and I refuse to let a bad day rule my day.

It’s easy for me to look around and find things to be thankful for or call a friend that I know I can be myself with, complain a little about my bad day, but then move on. We all have bad days, I honestly believe its how we approach those days is what gets us through the really bad day.

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This is the guide that will help you get to the bottom of your PCOS symptoms and create a plan for healing.

This is the guide that will help you get to the bottom of your PCOS symptoms and create a plan for healing.


8.    What is the best piece of health advice you have ever received?

It’s funny and random but this is the piece of advice I always think about. “Don’t start something you will quit.” When my husband and I were getting married someone wrote this on a little advice card for marriage, and I think about it a lot. SO anything with Brad, my husband, that I start my intent is to do them forever…little notes, sweet nothings, you know.

But it’s so applicable in weight loss, life too. When the going gets tough, dig in, don’t quit. We are all going to have hard days, days we want to throw our hands in the air and quit at life, but I promise if you stick it out, IF you show yourself that you can get through the hardest of days you will really see what you are made of…and THAT IS what makes a person.


I'd like to thank Jessica Dukes for her time and willingness to share her journey. I encourage you to follow her on Instagram where she shares all her latest keto creations as well as Mom Life.

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