What PCOS Women Want Doctors to Understand

What PCOS Women Want Doctors to Understand // Management of PCOS // How is PCOS diagnosed // PCOS doctors // PCOS Awareness | PCOSLiving.com #pcos #pcostreatment

This post is dedicated to all the women out there who haven’t had a positive experience with their healthcare provider.

You deserve better!

If your doctor isn’t working with you, it is time to switch providers.

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When a woman is diagnosed with PCOS stakes and emotions are high.

It can be overwhelming, confusing, and devastating to know that you have been diagnosed with PCOS.

Women feel scared and alone.

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Below you will learn how a large number (not all) of women with PCOS feel about their care and I hope this helps you to understand this group of women better.

To all the doctors out there, please keep these sentiments in mind when you are diagnosing a woman with PCOS or treating a woman with PCOS.


I am a human being first and foremost not just a number.

I understand that your day is busy and filled with patients and the stress of trying to treat everyone. But when I see you, I want to be seen as a person not just another number that you have to check off your list.

I want to be treated with respect, compassion, and kindness.

Bedside manner goes a long way especially when dealing with sensitive issues like PCOS or fertility. Treat me as though you want to be treated.

I have been struggling with these symptoms for so long without any relief or help.

To be honest, you are probably not the first doctor I have seen about these issues. I have been dismissed and ignored and told that nothing is wrong when I feel otherwise. I am starting to lose my faith in the medical community, so please prove me wrong.

Please be open to natural options first.

The birth control pill and metformin are serious drugs that have dangerous side effects. Can we at least discuss natural alternatives and have a conversation about treatment options?

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I want a partnership with you.

I want to work with you and be partners in my care. I don’t just want to be told to take drugs. I want to look at different options and come up with a plan together that will meet my individual needs and symptoms. PCOS is not one size fits all.

This guide will help you work in partnership with your doctor and teach you how to talk to them to get the RIGHT treatments.

Know that I want to solve these problems, that is why I am here.

I am serious about my well-being and I want to reclaim my health and life.  I don’t feel like my best self and I desperately want to. With your guidance I am ready to make impactful changes.

Some of these symptoms are embarrassing to discuss.

I don’t want to feel judged or shamed. I am aware of my weight, how I have teenager like acne, and that I’m struggling with hair loss and even excess hair growth. These things can affect my self-esteem and I am sensitive about it. Please know that it can be difficult for me to want to discuss these things.

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I want to leave your office feeling hopeful.

Being diagnosed with any type of illness or chronic condition is scary. But it doesn’t have to be as long as there is hope. Try being optimistic about treatments and care. Telling me there is nothing I can do and that this is my fate is not exactly uplifting.


Please remember that I chose you as my doctor because I believe in you.

I am putting my faith and trust in you. This is something to not take lightly. I don’t just trust anyone with my healthcare.

It breaks my heart to know that so many women feel dismissed by doctors. We can do better for women and should do better for women and women’s health. Never stop advocating for yourself and health!

What are some things you wish your doctor understood?



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What PCOS Women Want Doctors to Understand // Management of PCOS // How is PCOS diagnosed // PCOS doctors // PCOS Awareness | PCOSLiving.com #pcos #pcossupport

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