6 Famous and Inspiring Women Who Have PCOS

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When you are diagnosed with PCOS you often feel alone and isolated. You probably don’t have anyone in your inner circle that has it, yet alone know what it is. Well, there are a lot of women who have PCOS and that are becoming diagnosed with the condition including our favorite leading ladies. These celebrities are not afraid to shine a light on their struggles with PCOS. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, in fact you are in good company with these amazing women.


1.      Sasha Pieterse


Best known from Pretty Little Liars and most recently on this season of Dancing with the Stars, Sasha was just recently diagnosed with PCOS. She had experienced a 70 lb. weight gain over two years. It took a toll on her physically but especially emotionally considering she is in the limelight and people were constantly questioning her weight gain. Once she was diagnosed with PCOS it was like a lightbulb had been turned on and she is sharing her experience to help others.


2.      Daisy Ridley


The Star War’s actress recently spoke out as having been diagnosed with PCOS. One of her major symptoms of PCOS is acne and she claims it has affected her self-esteem. She feels as though she must use makeup to cover up her skin. Something so many of us can relate to in our own lives. Her attitude and kind heart need no covering up!


3.      Jillian Michaels


The infamous trainer known for her tough love approach also has PCOS. Jillian has been told by doctors that should would have a difficult time trying to become pregnant and have weight issues. They obviously didn't realize how driven this woman was! On top of being one of the world's best known trainers,  Jillian has 2 children; an adopted daughter, and a son with partner Heidi.


4.      Victoria Beckham


The former Spice Girl turned fashion icon suffered from irregular periods and fertility difficulties. Just like she conquered the fashion world, she has conquered her PCOS and has four beautiful children with her husband David Beckham.


5.      Jools Oliver


You probably know her as the Naked Chef- Jaime Oliver’s wife. She is also an accomplished children’s author.  Jools experienced irregular periods, infertility, and even suffered a miscarriage at 3 months pregnant. She used the drug Clomid to help get pregnant.  Jools is living proof that you can have successful pregnancies with PCOS. She and  Jaime have 5 healthy children together.


6.      Emma Thompson


This acclaimed actress has been candid about suffering from infertility and depression. She spent years trying to get pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. Eventually with the help of IVF she was able to conceive her daughter. Along the way she picked up a few Oscars as well!