The Only 2 Exercises You Need to Get Fit

These are the 2 exercises you need for a full body workout. No equipment needed. // PCOS Fitness // At Home Full Body Workout // PCOS Weight Loss |

Exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It’s something you should incorporate into your daily routine. Remember you will never regret breaking a sweat! When I work out, I work the entire body and do a variety of exercises from beginner to advanced. With that said, if I could only do two exercises for the rest of my life, these would be the two that I would recommend because they work the entire body and can be done anywhere.


1.      Push-ups


Push-ups are a great exercise to do. They work your upper body including your chest, shoulders, arms, triceps, back, and neck. The great thing about push-ups is anyone can do them! If you can’t do a regular push-up, you can modify it and start on your knees, or you can have your legs on an exercise ball. Either of these modified methods is still effective and will help you build up your strength to be able to do a regular push-up. Once you have mastered the regular push-up, you can do more advanced moves like the Spiderman push-up (my personal favorite), the diamond push-up, push-ups on a medicine ball, etc., the possibilities are endless.

2.      Squats


Squats work your lower body including your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. If you want that round booty, and you don’t want that dreaded cellulite, you better be squatting! The great thing about squats is that there are many variations, and you can make them more challenging as well. Once you aren’t feeling the burn of regular squats (it should take some time especially if you increase the amount of sets and reps), you can add weights and do sumo squats in addition to varying the types of squats.


By doing push-ups and squats, you are getting a full-body workout! Both these exercises can be done anywhere so you have no excuse! They also can be modified to fit your fitness level! I always incorporate these two exercises into my routine, and I think you should as well!