6 Common Misconceptions about PCOS

6 Common Misconceptions about PCOS // PCOS Facts // PCOS Diagnosis |  PCOSLiving.com

Many of the things you have heard about PCOS are WRONG!

All too often I hear incorrect information about PCOS shared on social media and I want to help clear the air.


These are six of the most common misconceptions that are being shared and you shouldn't buy into them.


1.      That soy is good for PCOS

Soy is a phytoestrogen which means that it acts like estrogen in the body.

When you eat a lot of soy, your body gets confused and thinks it doesn’t need to make as much estrogen, so it slows down production. Slowing down the production of estrogen can prevent the body from ovulating.

Soy also impacts the efficiency of your thyroid. Women with PCOS are more likely to experience thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism.


2.      That cardio is the answer to losing weight with PCOS

While cardio is great and should be incorporated into your PCOS lifestyle, it isn’t the end-all-be-all. Long cardio sessions can actually stress your body out.

You need to keep your body guessing and doing the same repetitive routine will not produce results. Try combining HIIT and strength training into your workouts. Stop struggling to figure it out and get the PCOS Pounds Blastoff.


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3.      That Metformin is the only solution for PCOS

Doctors are too quick to hand out Metformin to any women that has PCOS. This is not the answer.

Metformin is not going to cure your PCOS.

Metformin is a common medication used to treat diabetes. It works by lowering blood glucose levels by reducing the amount of glucose produced and released by the liver. This helps with increasing insulin sensitivity.

Did you know that you can get the same benefits from some natural supplements that have shown results equal or better to Metformin without all the nasty, unpleasant side effects? This post will explain your natural options in detail.



4.      All women with PCOS are overweight

There is a type of PCOS called Lean PCOS. Approximately 20- 30% of women with PCOS are average weight or lean.

Yup, these women have a normal body weight and BMI yet, they still experience the symptoms of PCOS including insulin resistance, trouble ovulating/regulating periods, skin and hair issues.

Everyone’s journey with PCOS is different but equally difficult. Don’t judge a book by its cover.


5.      Women with PCOS do no ovulate

Some women with PCOS get a regular cycle and have no trouble in this arena.

So yes, it is possible to get pregnant with PCOS.




6.      All women experience PCOS the same

PCOS is not a cookie cutter- condition. If it was, it probably would be easier to diagnose and treat.

On average it takes two years and three doctors to get diagnosed with PCOS.

Some women with PCOS struggle with weight issues, fertility, acne, hair loss or excess hair, cysts, irregular periods, and insulin resistance.

No two women with PCOS are the same.

So be kind to your fellow cysters, while their journey may be different it is equally as hard.


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