Top 10 Gifts for the Fitness Focused

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There is an art to gift giving.

Someone who gives a truly great gift understands how a person genuinely finds joy and centers their giving on what that means for each individual on their list. The best gift-givers go one step further. They select presents that they know the intended recipients would enjoy, but wouldn’t necessarily splurge on it for themselves. From the yoga lover to the cross-fit aficionado, these are those types of gifts for the fitness buff in your life. Get ready to be their holiday hero!


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1.     Track that progress

If you have someone in your life that wants to get lean and mean, then a fitness tracker is the gift for them. A tracker will help them be accountable and encourage them to keep on stepping! There are several options to choose from taking into consideration budgets and personal styles. 


2.     Keep the music playing

No one wants to get tangled up in wires during their workout. You can’t go wrong with wireless headphones for your gym star. Their motivation playlist will never skip a beat!


3.     Stylish hydration


Most of the fitness folks I know don’t leave home without their water bottle. Why not upgrade their water game by gifting one with a motivational saying to keep them pumped or something just as sleek and chic as they are! The new Swell Rose Gold bottle is a highly coveted option! Here is a similar one for the budget conscious.


4.     No more embarrassing gym bag

If your loved one's gym bag is looking pretty gross, upgrade their profile with a stylish (and clean) gym bag. You can find something great in every price range and they will be glad they didn’t have to spend the money on it themself. Here are several options: The stylish bag, the duffel, the tote, or the quilted bag aka Vera Bradley.

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5.     Massage, please!

Working on your fitness can wreck havoc on a body. It is hard work and sometimes you need to treat your muscles to some R&R.  This massage stick will help them loosen tight muscles after their heavy sweat sessions.

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6.     Office workout magic

It can be hard to sneak in exercise during the workday. A balance disc turns any chair into a core machine. By just sitting at their desk they will get in some added calorie burn and I have never met a fitness enthusiast that didn’t like that.


7.     Meals on Wheels

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Every heath minded person I know is a planner. Their meals are no exception. Help them organize all that effort with a portable cooler that gives them all the compartments they could ever need. Every time they use it, which will be often, they will think of you.


8.  Mix it up!

Blend it, shake it, or stir it! No matter how your smoothie lover likes it, there is an option to do it with a personal blender.  Showing that you paid attention to someone’s interests makes all the difference. 


9.     Expand their knowledge

When you love something, you also love learning more about it. Give the gift that keeps on giving by setting your fitness friend up with a magazine subscription. You can keep it general by going with Men’s or Women’s Health or select something from their niche. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one! Just sneak around and make sure they aren’t already receiving whatever you choose.


10.     Lose the extra baggage

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The fanny pack has resurfaced and is more modern, sleek, and chic. In fact all the cool kids are wearing them! Because you need to put your phone and keys somewhere when you head out for a run. This fit belt is an awesome and affordable gift that your fitness fan will love.


BONUS ITEM!!! This one is for you!

As you're busy shopping for everyone else on your list, don't forget to get yourself a little something. I know you are trying to be healthy and probably are tired of all the rabbit food, so treat yourself to low carb dishes that taste DELISH! This is one of my personal favorite cookbooks and I can vouch for it!


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