The King of Low Carb Living: George Stella

George Stella is the king when it come to low carb living. His recipes are delicious and you need his cookbooks in your life! // Best Low Carb Recipes // Must Have Low Carb Cookbook // Low Carb Diet // PCOS Diet // Weight Loss |

Eating low carb doesn’t mean it has to be bland or boring! I didn’t want to eat like that and you shouldn’t either. There are ways to make healthier versions of your favorite meals. I made it my quest to find recipes that fit my dietary needs yet satisfied my palate.

When I received one of George Stella’s cookbooks for Christmas, I instantly became a fan! His recipes were easy to follow and make and the best part was that they tasted sensational! He has recipes for everything including breakfast, snacks, appetizers, entrees, and yes even desserts! I have not had a single recipe that wasn’t delicious. His recipes prove that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health.

George Stella’s recipes have changed my life. I am so grateful for his cookbooks and his passion for helping others live a healthy and happy life.  I love that George is open about his personal journey and the obstacles he had to overcome. He shares his and his family’s transformation with their health at the beginning of his cookbooks. I appreciate people who aren’t afraid to share their stories and who want to help pave the road for others.

I was so impressed with the cookbook I received; I knew I needed to get more of his recipes. I bought FOUR more of his cookbooks.  Now I have even more excellent recipes at my fingertips. I am so happy with these cookbooks and their recipes that I HAD TO TELL YOU about them!

If you are new to low carb living or if you just want some satisfying, enjoyable, healthy meals, you should get this cookbook.


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