How to Manage Your PCOS Symptoms

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While there might not be a cure for PCOS, there are ways you can manage it and keep it in check.  

Don’t fret, it is possible to do! I know it can be overwhelming, especially when you are first diagnosed. You are not sure what to do and how to do it. So I am going to help you by sharing the areas that you need to focus on.


1.     Healthy eating. I don’t like to use the term diet because that implies it is temporary and a quick fix.  Plus I hate that the first three letters in diet spell out DIE! Our goal is to LIVE and be HEALTHY! You have to make it a lifestyle change. You need to decide that you want to eat better. This is something that will take time and effort, however, you can make the changes. This is a process so start with small changes. Trying to change every you eat all at once will lead to disaster. If you have a moment of weakness, don’t give up, just be better next time.


2.     Exercise. Think of exercise as the sister to healthy eating. Alone they each have their own value but together they have become even more impressive/unbeatable/unstoppable. Exercise is extremely important; it will help with weight loss when paired with healthy eating, improve your mood, reduce blood pressure, improve insulin resistance, and condition your heart.

Get started conquering your symptoms today!

Get started conquering your symptoms today!



3.     Sleep. Getting enough rest is a challenge for many. Trust me I know. However, getting enough sleep isn’t only important so you’re not a walking zombie, but it is how and when your body repairs. Only when your body is in a complete state of rest, can it begin healing and repairing. So try to get as much as you can and let your body do what it needs to!


4.     Supplements.  If you are not getting the proper amount of nutrients from your nutrition alone, you should probably consider taking supplements. Supplements help aid the body when nutrients are lacking. Women with PCOS often have deficiencies in various areas and benefit from the use of supplements.


5.     Support System. PCOS can feel isolating and lonely at times. It is easy to feel as though no one understands what you are going through. This is why it is especially critical to have a strong support system. I like to refer to them as my cheerleaders. They will help encourage and motivate you to stay the path. They will also be great sounding boards when you are struggling. If I didn’t have my husband, sister, and mom to encourage me and support me, I probably would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. It is okay to have a bad day, that’s when your support system can pick you back up. If you don’t have a support system, then reach out here, you are not alone and I will help you!


6.     Positive Attitude/Belief in Yourself. These two tie together. You have to remain positive and believe that you can do it. You can gain control, the results are not going to be fast or easy but you can still achieve the desired outcomes. My mom loves to tell me this quote: “It’s a cinch by the inch, hard by the yard.” Don’t get ahead of yourself; be happy for the small victories because with PCOS they are just as important. Celebrate when you hit a goal! You deserve it!


Review these six major areas and determine which ones you need to improve on. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and implementing positive changes is progress. Knowing what areas to focus on is half the battle.