White Bean Mash: The Healthier Alternative to Mashed Potatoes

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Let's be real; everyone loves a good old helping of mashed potatoes!

Am I right? Unfortunately, mashed potatoes aren't the best nutritionally. They don't offer a lot of benefits, and they are sure to spike those blood sugars quickly. Not a great choice for those who are trying to keep those blood sugars in check!

So I was on the hunt to find something just as satisfying that still was healthy to fill my mashed potatoes void. Low and behold, I found this recipe for white bean mash. The great thing about this recipe is that is super easy to make, even those who consider themselves culinary challenged would have no problem whipping these up. There are only seven ingredients and most you probably already have on hand. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes tops to get these on the table.

The best part is that this dish offers a host of benefits including fiber and protein. You will feel full and satisfied after having a serving. You also won't have the blood sugar spike because beans are low on the glycemic index. The white bean mash goes well with anything you would usually serve mashed potatoes so substitute these in when you can. Not a fan of beans? Try this recipe for cauliflower mash instead!


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Everyone loves mashed potatoes. If you want a delicious low carb alternative, try this white bean mash recipe. Easy and delish PCOS-friendly alternative. // Low Carb Recipes // PCOS Diet // Low Carb Alternative // PCOS Weight Loss | PCOSLiving.com