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I am a firm believer in always staying educated on things that are important to you and that can improve your life. Knowledge is power, so I like to read anything I can about the latest research, information, and news related to PCOS. So, it is no surprise that I was excited to read Healing PCOS by Amy Medling aka PCOS Diva.

Amy is a pioneer in the PCOS community. Through her own struggles with PCOS, Amy learned how to successfully manage and control her symptoms naturally. She is living proof that you can thrive with PCOS. In Healing PCOS, Amy outlines a 21-day plan to help you reclaim your health and life.

As someone with PCOS, I think this book is a great resource for women who are diagnosed and don’t know where start. A PCOS diagnosis can be overwhelming and upsetting especially when the doctor hits you with their lovely bedside manner delivery.

In the book, Amy focuses on several areas including an anti-inflammatory diet, daily movement, and self-care. Each day of the 21- day plan, includes a meal plan, an inspirational quote, an affirmation to say, as well as a Diva Daily and a Diva Do (which are activities/lessons to help you think, eat, and move).

One aspect of the book that really resonated with me personally was the importance of a positive mindset and not allowing yourself to feel like a victim of PCOS. I 100% agree with Amy that in order to successfully conquer your symptoms it is critical to not take on the victim mentality. I wanted to share this quote from the book with you because I think it hits the mark and is important to think about:

“When you decide that you are a victim, you choose not to act and take control. You choose to let circumstances or symptoms ‘win.’”

Your health is in your hands. It can be so easy to sit back and wallow. It isn’t fair to have to deal with PCOS. Only you can make the choice to fight it. It is not until you decide that you want to be healthy and are committed to making lifestyle changes that your health will improve.

In the book, Amy also stresses the importance of self-care. Self-care helps to reduce your stress levels which will ultimately help with PCOS symptoms. While I agree we all could use more self-care, some of the suggestions felt a little out of touch to the lives many women lead! Amy’s suggestions sound like fabulous methods to help unwind, but I think for many of us moms with young ones, we might find it a little difficult (even though we really need it) to find the time.

For example, I have learned the act of simply going to the bathroom has become a two-person event and includes trying to flush the toilet on me or unrolling the toilet paper to see how far it can go. This is the season of life I’m in and I LOVE IT, but finding time to take an hour-long relaxing bath isn’t likely in my future. I’m sure Amy remembers this season of life too but now that her children are older she can enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures. I look forward to that in my future! So, my humble advice to the mamas out there is embrace the concept, do what you can for self-care, but also be realistic. The last thing you need is another thing on your to-do list that makes you feel pressured. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?!

The final part of the book that I wanted to mention was the recipes section. There is an entire chapter devoted to PCOS approved meals. I found there to be a nice variety and the section is a perfect touch stone if you are looking to improve your diet. Amy has tested these on her own family, so you know they are proven hits. I highly recommend you try her Spiced Almond Milk in the evening to help you curb those sweet cravings. I give it a thumbs up!

Healing PCOS is definitely worth your time. I think it is packed with research, information, and tips to help you take back your health and thrive despite PCOS. Add it to your reading list, you will be happy that you did!

Have you read Healing PCOS? I would love to know your thoughts.

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Healing PCOS Book Review // PCOS Diva Healing PCOS // How to heal Polycystic Ovary Syndrome // Healing PCOS Naturally // PCOS Resources // Books about PCOS |  PCOSLiving.com  #pcos #pcosdiva