PCOS LIVING Review: PCOS News You Need to Know

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This article is the first in what will be a regular series on my blog.  The focus will be on information pertaining to PCOS that is beneficial and helpful to know. I have already done the research for you and will recommend articles or information that I think would assist you in managing your PCOS symptoms.

Today, I would like to share information about an influential leader in the PCOS community. Some of you may know her already, Dr. Fiona McCulloch. If you haven’t heard of her, please take note because she is someone you want to pay attention to in this field.

I recently found out about Dr. McCulloch on the Women’s Wellness Summit. She is a Naturopathic Doctor who has worked with thousands of women with PCOS. Not only does she work in close collaboration with women who have PCOS, but she also has PCOS. What better advocate than someone who thoroughly understands the condition and can relate! I was blown away by Dr. McCulloch’s knowledge and insights about PCOS. Dr. McCulloch was not only knowledgeable but had an inspiring and hopeful tone and way about her. She believes PCOS can be properly managed and treated NATURALLY!

Dr. McCulloch is the founder and owner of White Lotus Integrative Medicine in Canada where she specializes in women’s health, hormones, and fertility. She has a fantastic blog on her personal website and offers a plethora of free information to help women understand their hormones and natural solutions to everyday problems. Don’t miss out on signing up for Dr. McCulloch’s free e-book 10 Essential Hormone Tests for Women Deciphered while you are on her website. I highly recommend it!

So if you are looking for natural ways to manage your PCOS symptoms or if you just want more information about PCOS, I would definitely follow Dr. McCulloch. Frankly, I wish Dr. McCulloch was my doctor!