What to Wear to Flatter An Apple Figure

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Today’s post is all about empowering you to look and feel your best!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a size 2 or 22, there are ways to flatter your body type and to look spectacular! It is just about knowing what works best for your body and how to accent your best features! To help you with this, I reached out to Alexandra from To Vogue or Bust to share some insights on how to style your figure (particularly apple shapes). Below you will see my Q & A with her! Enjoy and hopefully, you will have picked up a tip or two.


What styles flatter an apple-shaped figure?

I'm definitely not a stylist (my styling is usually limited to my own outfits!) but for any body type, it's really about celebrating your shape - I'm really not a fan of tips that run along the lines of "hide this" or "disguise this." Apple shaped figures, in particular, should celebrate all that is leggy - think sleek skinny jeans with pumps and a loose silk top. Having said that, there are ways to add length and leanness everywhere. V-neck necklines are great for adding more definition to your upper body, as can strategic belting or necklace layering. 


 What items or styles should you avoid if you have an apple shaped figure?

Like any body shape, anything that constricts or restricts. I think the best rule of thumb is to focus on nipping in and adding leaner silhouettes to the parts of your body you want to highlight and ensuring that comfort comes first. If you're concerned about your arm or waist, billowy silhouettes in these areas will not only flatter but will make sure you feel your most comfortable!

What is the biggest mistake you see women make when putting together a look?

Dressing around insecurities. Dress what you want to celebrate instead! When you dress to try to hide, it shows (and naturally, the opposite is true too!). 

 What are the staple items that every woman should own?

A properly fitted leather jacket will make every outfit, and I rely heavily on it on days when I need a little pick-me-up!


What is one item that every woman should invest in or splurge on?

Other than a leather jacket, I think one pair of killer heels is about the biggest confidence boost you can get product-wise.


What are some of your favorite retailers that have affordable but stylish clothes for the everyday woman?

Joe Fresh has a great selection, and I really appreciate that they have high-quality but affordable cashmere and silk pieces - for me, fabric is always key. While Club Monaco can be pricier, their sales are often insane (same with J.Crew) so make sure you're signed up for their sale alerts! Finally, I've had a lot of luck at Forever 21 these days - while it may be a bit overwhelming stepping foot in there, they have so many diverse offerings!

What are some easy ways to update your look?

Try an affordable, low-commitment trend, like the silk scarf trend we've seen this summer or the Western leather choker. Also, beauty is an easy way to play around with trends as well without overwhelming your whole look!


What is the best piece of fashion advice you've received?

To wear what makes me feel the most confident, which is usually what makes me the most comfortable (and not just physically, but the most comfortable for the given occasion, setting, etc.).

What would be your advice to women who want to look and feel their best?

Pay careful attention to what your clothes are telling you. Are there pieces you always feel good in (note: good - not cozy!)? Are there fabrics that work particularly well for you? What silhouettes make you feel your best? Is there a dress that you can wear from dawn to dusk? Having a style uniform is not boring, it's a hallmark of good taste. Carefully cultivate what works best for you and don't be afraid to have a lot of the same thing - when you have the foundation of a solid wardrobe, playing around with your pieces, adding accessories and trying out trends won't be so daunting.


Who do you like to follow for fashion and style advice?

I love Garance Doré's self-deprecating yet always on-point take on fashion - she is someone who's truly effortless and natural in the way she approaches her style. I also love everything about Jeanne Damas - another classic example of a French girl truly knowing what works for herself and not being afraid of wearing the same style uniform all the time.


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