The 8 Characters You Will Meet at the Gym

Every gym has its own cast of characters. I bet you will RECOGNIZE some of these 8 archetypes Have a good laugh, it is excellent your mindset. // Fitness Humor // Gym Humor // Funny because it's true |

Whether you are someone who is new to working out at a gym or someone that attends routinely, there are several types of people that you will encounter there. I thought I would share a few of the characters I've come across with you. Hopefully, it will bring some humor to your day; it is meant to be a lighthearted read. I’m sure you will be nodding your head in agreement about these fellow fitness seekers, or you will enjoy spotting them at your next workout.


1.       The Sweater. This person profusely sweats! Their shirt is completely soaked through, and they leave buckets full of sweat on the machine they just used. There is no denying that they worked hard!

2.       Chatty Cathy. This individual wants to talk your ear off. They don’t even have to know you at all. They just need anyone to talk to. If you are in their proximity, they will somehow find a way to start a conversation with you. For these people, talking distracts them from their workout.

3.       The Fashionista. Their outfit and being styled to the nines is more important to them than the actual workout. You won’t catch them in an uncoordinated outfit. They want to look good, and they want to be noticed at the gym.

4.       The Weight Dropper. This person will lift way too much weight and then throw it down. It will startle you if you aren’t paying attention or used to it. Personally, I think it is very rude and can be potentially dangerous if the weight bounces the slightest way and injuries a passerby. Part of lifting weight is having control; I don’t know how much a benefit it is just to drop it.

The 8 Characters You Meet at the Gym |

5.       The Smelly Guy.  This person gives off an aroma. They obviously don’t believe in deodorant. Their body odors can knock you out especially once they are at the peak of their workout. There is one guy at my gym and unfortunately, as soon as I see him, I have to go immediately to the other side of the gym.

6.       The Show-off. They will do complicated moves and exercises like it is nothing. They want you to see them and all of their skills. It is an ego boost for them. They also will perform these exercises usually right in front of the mirrors.

The characters you get at the gym Fitness Humor |

7.       The Cellphone Talker. As they are working out, they are chatting with someone on their cellphone. They usually have no idea how loud they are, and everybody near them can hear the conversation. I think this is extremely rude and self-absorbed. I can understand if you have an important call that you are anticipating, but you can stop working out and take the call in the locker room. Not everyone wants to know all the intimate details of your personal life.

8.       The Singer. This person enjoys there music while working out and who doesn’t. However, their “lip-syncing” along isn’t as subtle as they may think. It is more like a sing-a-long. I enjoy observing this person. You can learn a lot about someone from the type of music that they listen to.


If after observing all of these characters, you happen to run into a person at the gym that avoids eye contact at all costs, this person does not want to be bothered!  Just remember that!