Should You Indulge Your Craving or Ignore It?

Should you indulge your craving or ignore it? // PCOS // PCOS Weight Loss // Weight Loss Tips // Cheat Days // Sugar // PCOS Diet |

A lot of people want to know how I am successful managing my weight and PCOS symptoms. The real truth is I follow a low-carb diet and I avoid a lot of processed foods especially added and refined sugars.  I try to stick to fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins and a focus on more quality complex carbohydrates. 

You're probably wondering, do I ever have a treat? The answer is, absolutely!

Life is about balance and moderation. I don’t believe in depriving yourself. If you don’t indulge every now and then you are more likely to fall off the wagon. Remember it is a lifestyle, not a diet! I would say 90% of the time I eat healthy and clean. The other 10% is reserved for treats or celebrations. 

So how do you know when you should give into your craving or ignore it?
Here’s what has worked for me. When I am jonesing for a sweet treat, I ask myself how bad do I want it? I don’t keep any temptations in my house because it makes it easier to reach for them without even thinking and can easily lead to over-indulging. I find the saying: “out of sight, out of mind” to be very true. A lot of times we reach for the sweets because they are easy and convenient. We know they are going to taste good so why wouldn’t we reach for them when we are hungry? If you put carrot sticks and cookies in front of people, most people are going to reach for the cookie.

So, here’s how I determine that I need to satisfy my craving and should.

I evaluate how bad I want it by determining whether I would be willing to go out to get it. Am I willing to drop what I am doing and get it? Most of the time the answer is no. Then I know it is just a fleeting moment and that I should ignore it. If the answer is yes, then I should have the treat. I probably won’t stop thinking about it until I have satisfied my craving.

If I do determine that I want this particular treat, I go out and get a single serving of it. I do not buy a pack, tray, or carton of it. I eat the treat and I am done with it. I do not bring any extras back into my house. Once I have had the treat, the craving goes away and I don’t feel the need to have anymore. This is a healthy and successful relationship with sweets and has proven to work for me.

It is important to listen to your body and its cues. However, if you are constantly craving sweets and treats it means that you still need to make a lot of changes first. You need to detox from sugar. Need some healthy snack ideas? Sign-up for my free low carb snacks.


What do you do when you have a craving for a sweet treat? Let me know in the comments below.