Is Meal Prepping Right for You?

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Meal prepping is all the rage today. In fact, you have probably seen tons of articles about it and your Instagram feed has more than likely been inundated with pictures of people meal prepping. So, what’s the big deal? Is cooking seven days’ worth of meals worth the time and effort? Is meal prepping the right thing for you?


Here are the basics you need to know about meal prepping.

Meal prepping involves a good amount of planning and thought. It is not something you can just wing. You will need to create a plan for your week; what you intend on eating for the entire week. Once you know what your meals are going to be, you will need to go to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients that you will need. This might save you trips to the grocery store because you will be getting everything done in one shot. There won’t be a need for any other trips during the week.


The next step is taking a day out of the week to prepare and cook all of your food for the entire week. A lot of people tend to do their prep on Sundays. Cooking everything can take a while because you're making seven days’ worth of meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and usually a few snacks. After cooking is complete, you divide everything up into smaller portions for each meal and day. Each meal is usually put in an individual container so that you can just grab them and go. In addition, some people will label the day and meal on the dish or container so they don’t have to think about it later. Now you have a whole week’s worth of meals and all you will need to do is reheat them when you are ready to eat.


A lot of individuals swear by meal prepping and say that it saves them so much time and energy during the week when they're often tired and have less time to cook at home. It also helps individuals eat healthier because they are focused on making nutritious choices and using portion control. Meal prepping is a great strategy for those who are trying to lose weight. You won’t be tempted by junk foods and other treats because all of your meals will be ready to eat. A lot of people eat badly because it is convenient and easy.


On the other hand, meal prepping can seem dull and monotonous. You must be comfortable with eating the same thing frequently. If you get tired of the same humdrum meal, then meal prepping is not going to work for you. In fact, you will probably lose interest in it real fast, especially since it takes a lot of planning. You must be a good planner in order for it to work. Meal planning is not for the faint of heart, you must be dedicated and committed to being successful with it.


Meal prepping can be a lifesaver for some and a hassle and a headache for others. You need to figure out what works best your lifestyle. Is one long day in the kitchen better than an hour every day? Only you can decide.