An Affordable Alternative to Buying Organic Produce

An affordable alternative to buying organic produce. Budget friendly Diet Tips | PCOS Living

Let’s be real, buying organic produce can certainly take a hit to your paycheck.

I know and understand that buying organic can be costly especially if you are feeding a family. While I do believe organic produce does offer benefits such as containing fewer pesticides, is fresher, and is better for the environment, it sometimes just doesn't fit into the budget. Not everyone can afford to buy everything organic.

So I have an affordable and effective alternative that I use in my everyday life to save money on produce. My trick is using a vegetable wash. The one I am currently using is called VEGGIE WASH. It is all natural and made in the U.S. 

I spray all of my produce with this wash, and it helps to remove wax, soil, and chemicals. I definitely notice a difference after I wash my produce with this spray compared to water alone. The produce is brought back to its natural state and shine. I especially like using this spray on the dirty dozen! This spray retails for about $3.95 for a 16 oz. bottle. Depending on how much produce you wash, I find a bottle will last you quite a while. I have seen this spray available in stores like IGA, Whole Foods, and it is also available on Amazon.

Natural Veggie wash

Natural Veggie wash


If you would rather make your own spray, there are certainly tons of recipes and articles available to make your own wash at home. This is something I hope to get around to sometime in the future. If you do make a homemade produce wash, shoot me a message and let me know about it.

Ultimately, you can eat fresh produce on a budget with simple little hacks like this one! So try it out, and let me know what you think!

*This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing tips of the trade with all of you!