6 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Winter

6 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Winter // Avoid the Flu // Winter Health Tips // Prevent a winter cold | PCOSLiving.com

We officially just entered into the winter season. The winter season tends to be the time of year when we are more likely to become sick. Germs are at their highest and you are exposed to more viruses, colds, bugs, and flu than any other time of year. So today I'm going to share with you some tips to keep you healthy this winter.

Tip # 1 Wash your hands often. This may sound like a simple and common sense thing but I can't tell you how many times I have seen people neglect to wash their hands or do an insufficient job. Hand washing involves a little more effort than you think. It is critical to make sure you're using a good soap that does not include triclosan as an ingredient.  So, say goodbye to those antibacterial soaps. You should wash your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds or the length of singing happy birthday to yourself. This will thoroughly get the germs off and protect you. Studies have shown that hand washing is more effective than any other method to staying healthy.

Tip # 2 Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is so essential during the winter months. Your body tends to become dry and we lose a lot of moisture in our skin and our bodies. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, particularly water. This should help alleviate dry skin symptoms. Dry, itchy, peeling skin isn’t attractive on anyone, so drink up!

Tip #3 Exercise.  Exercise is equally important in the winter months. People tend to become less active in the winter so it’s imperative to still get in some kind of daily movement or exercise. Exercise keeps your immune system boosted and running at optimal levels. You are also less likely to put on holiday weight and extra pounds that you don't want to see come summer months if you maintain your exercise routine.

Tip #4 Take your vitamins. Make sure you're getting your dose of vitamins. You want to keep your immune system healthy and able to fight off any potential germs or bugs that come your way. Vitamin C is crucial to help fend off and fight off infections as well as zinc.

Tip #5 Get your rest. You're less likely to get sick if you're well rested and complete all the other points on this list. If you are well-rested when your body is exposed to germs and bugs you will be more likely to fight them off or make the duration of your illness a lot shorter.

Tip #6 Avoid antibiotic use. Antibiotics are over prescribed and rarely take care of the issue unless it is bacterial. Unfortunately, most things that come our way during the winter months are viruses and must run their course. So, don't bother with the prescriptions because if they are not going to work you're only likely to develop resistances that can hurt in the long run if you do become really sick and need an antibiotic.

We all know that it can be hard to avoid germs and viruses, especially when everybody's hacking around you. The best you can do is take preventive measures to stay healthy. Try these tips and hopefully you'll remain healthy come this winter.